Like many Post war youngsters, Andy began collecting sports cards at a very young age. Even at ten years old, he was fascinated by the players, the teams, the cities, logos and all the statistics in baseball. Since the cards were numbered, Andy, even at that age, knew that he had to collect entire sets. From there it was just the beginning.

In his early teens, Andy became interested in the music explosion of the late 50's and early 60's. Like all teens, Andy started with collecting 45's then moved up to LP's. Andy amassed a vast collection, not only expanding and his taste of music, but realized the beauty and uniqueness of the cover art. Along with the collecting of the albums, subscribing to Rolling Stone and creating a collection of this magazine also became a priority. Even at that time, Andy envisioned the covers of the magazine as art for the home reflecting their design, history and nostalgia.

For the last thirty years, Andy has continued his collecting which created a massive inventory of collectibles. Also attending "card show"and "record shows" at various locations around Boston and New England, Andy obtained many additional collectibles, met other collectors and learn the correct display and marketing of the products to ensure the best and fair value of the product. Many of these contacts have become valuable resources for the those special "hard-to-find" items and prices. The benefits of this years of experience and knowledge, he now shares with the music, sports collectible customer.